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The Waterman Allure Fountain Pen has a contemporary, stylish design that's perfect for students and professionals. The durable engraved nib and smooth-flowing ink ensures a consistent and personalised writing experience. With a French-influenced bold yet elegant pastel finish, the Waterman pen makes for a strong first step into the fine writing world. Based on a classic Waterman design, the Allure’s smooth metal body and range of modern trims provide a premium look and feel that's sure to impress, whether in a classroom or the boardroom.


  • Waterman Allure Pastel Blue Fine Giftbox
  • All-metal body with a pastel matte lacquer finish showcases your flair and sophistication
  • Engraved durable steel nib for consistent everyday writing
  • Comes equipped with vivid blue fountain pen ink
  • Refillable with short or long Waterman ink cartridges
  • Perfect for students and professionals; presented in a Waterman gift box


WATERMAN PENS- Allure Pastel Fountain Pen Blue Ink & Pastel Blue Lacquer CT

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