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Have it all with our brand-new steel shaker version of our innovative Tumbler. A shaker, flask, and thermos all in one product, we now save you the hassle of carrying around three bottles at once, whilst still ensuring you look stylish and get the quality build of the ShakeSphere brand.

Here’s how it works. The copper lining between the double walls of steel ensures your drink stays hot for 8 hours and cold for 12 hours. That means you can enjoy an ice-cold smoothie for breakfast, a frothy coffee as an afternoon pick-me-up and, of course, a smooth protein shake free of lumps after your evening gym session. All that with a single bottle. You’ll also get a highly polished non-stick interior made using electrolysis which looks great and shows the measurements of your drink.

All of this AND every advantage of our original Tumbler. The unique capsule design means no powders get stuck, saving you money and preventing the build-up of foul smells. You also won’t need any mixing accessories, as our bottle uses centrifugal force to break down powder supplements and even soft fruit in a flash. It’s no wonder we were voted Best Protein Shaker 2019 by Men’s Health and have already received 9 awards this year recognising our Tumbler as the best shaker on the market right now.

This product comes in a Matte Black finish with a premium box. Remember that it’s not dishwasher-safe but can be handwashed in seconds using just a little bit of water.

Shakesphere- Protein shaker bottle 24.6 Fl Oz

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