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The Elbphilharmonie is a beautiful concert hall found in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany. Endearingly nicknamed Elphi, this concert hall was completed in 2016 with a final construction cost of €866 million. Take a 15-minute drive North from the Elphi hall and you’ll find yourself at the Montblanc headquarters and manufacturing center. With one of the largest and most visually stunning and unique concert halls in the world being created just down the road, Montblanc decided that it was only right to celebrate this wonderful achievement of culture right in their own hometown and became the principal sponsor of Hamburg’s Philharmonic and the Elphi hall.

To commemorate this celebration of culture and the arts, as well as the partnership between Montblanc and the Elphi hall, Montblanc developed a special limited edition fountain pen emblazoned with an artistic rendering of the Elbphilharmonie building both on the cap as well as on the nib on their most popular model, the 149. This special edition pen (only 300 made) was originally only available at the flagship Montblanc boutique in Hamburg and within the Elbphilharmonie Plaza Gift Shop.

The name Montblanc is often times associated with luxury. This very special pen reminds us that Montblanc has long nested its roots and derives its success in design from the different arts and cultures of the world.

This limited edition 149 pen features a rose-gold impression of the Elbphilharmonie’s structure both on the cap of the pen as well as right on the 18k nib itself and is wholly unique to any other 149 Montblanc model with its intricate rose-gold detailings. This pen comes with a Medium (M) nib. The original special-edition Montblanc box & packaging utilizing the same design as the pen is also included. This pen has already sold out in Hamburg, and only 300 of these pens were produced in total. A wise choice for a true collector of culture & arts. Limited supply.


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