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Icon of character and style.

The LAMY imporium confidently combines poise and style. The grooved structure of the solid body contrasts with the strictly cylindrical design of the cap, creating a writing instrument of the utmost uniqueness. Timelessly elegant details made of galvanised precious metal and a solid clip with an external spring top off the overall appearance.
All writing instruments in the series retain their elegant appearance for decades thanks to the PVD coating and are assembled by hand at the LAMY craftsman's workshop in Heidelberg. In the LAMY imporium, experience a premium writing instrument of the highest quality that embodies character and a sense of style in equal measure.

Ballpoint pen / Twist-action mechanism / titanium matt (refined PVD) / platinum clip polished (galvanised) / with giant refill LAMY M 16 M black

Item number: 4027956

Size (W x H x L): 0.5 x 0.5 x 5.72 mm

Weight: 1 g

LAMY imporium Ballpoint Pen

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