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Lamy meets Franco Clivio.

The first fountain pen with a retractable nib and clip: as simple and elegant as the exterior of the LAMY dialog is, as complex as the mechanism inside. From the first to the last step, the fountain pen is assembled by hand at the LAMY craftsman's workshop in Heidelberg. Using a globally unique rotating mechanism, the 14kt gold nib elegantly slides out of the interior of the case while the clip lowers onto the case. When the mechanism is closed, a ball valve automatically slides in front of the opening and protects the nib from drying out.

Fountain pen with twist-action mechanism / shiny black lacquer finish / clip platinum coated / 14 ct. bi-colour gold nib, partially platinum / with ink cartridge LAMY T 10 blue and converter LAMY Z 27

Item number: 4027876

Size (W x H x L): 0.51 x 0.51 x 5.47 mm

Weight: 1 g

LAMY dialog Fountain Pen

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