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Perfetto Moka Delicato ground coffee is the perfect coffee for your Moka pot.
A selection of fine 100% Arabica in which the intense notes of the Natural Brazil origin ensure a full, but more delicate, flavor.
Bialetti has perfected its ground coffee, achieving the perfect combination of roasting, grinding and taste.
Perfetto Moka Delicato enhances the harmonious nuances of hazelnut and dried fruit with a light roast for lovers of a mellow, delicate coffee.
Thanks to the choice of the best raw ingredients, perfect blending and careful roasting, Bialetti ground coffee guarantees a perfect combination of flavors and aromas to be enjoyed with a Moka Express pot.
Intensity: 5.


The 3-pack kit helps save you money while ensuring you always have your favorite coffee in the cupboard!

BIALETTI- Ground coffee - Perfetto Moka Delicato KIT 3 packs

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