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Perfetto Moka Classico ground coffee is the perfect coffee for your Moka pot.
A selection of fine coffee, 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta, mellow and aromatic, which gives sweet hints of flowers and dried fruit, enhanced by a slow medium roast.
Perfetto Moka Classico pairs a long, controlled roasting period, which helps bring out the entire aromatic Arabica spectrum, with skillful grinding that guarantees a full-bodied result, giving creaminess and aromatic intensity.
Thanks to the choice of the best raw ingredients, perfect blending and careful roasting, Bialetti ground coffee guarantees a perfect combination of flavors and aromas to be enjoyed with a Moka pot.
Intensity: 7.


The 3-pack kit helps save you money while ensuring you always have your favorite coffee in the cupboard!

BIALETTI- Ground coffee - Perfetto Moka Classico KIT 3 packs

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